Ketiak kesayangan


No perfume can beat this smell.
No deodorant can beat this smell.

Weird. I know. Just me understand this.


A place where I'm hiding from this world.
A place where I can feel a peace and comfort.
A place where I can feel love.

Weird. I know. Its my special place.


Please don't wear deodorant.
Please don't spray a perfume.
Please don't let someone else kiss you.

I'm the girl who so in love wth your ketiak smell. I'm the girl who needs your ketiak smell when I'm soo  horrible. I don't care what people gonna say. I just love it.


Nothing like us

Aku pasrah, aku terima.

It's doesn't mean I'm giving up. I fight for what I love, but still tak dapat puaskan hati orang. Yea, maybe what you expect or hoping tak macam aku buat. Cukup kau tahu, aku ikhlas semua tu. Harsh word, aku tak pernah maksudkan itu semua. Itu hanya perasaan & ego yang tak manusia tak mampu kawal, aku.

Heartless, takpa aku tanggung. Aku kuat, experience ajar aku semua tu. Don't expect too much, don't hopig to much from me. Aku tak mampu untuk itu semua. Maafkan aku. Mungkin kau akan paham when you're fit in my shoes. But I don't ask for you to try my shoes. Aku terima ini semua.

" I wish that I could give you what you deserve 
Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you 
Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah 
You know there's no one, 
I can relate to I know we won't find a love that's so true  

There's nothing like us 
There's nothing like you and me 
Together through the storm 
There's nothing like us 
There's nothing like you and me together, oh 

I gave you everything babe 
Well, everything I had to give 
Boy, why would you push me away? yeah 
Lost in confusion, like an illusion 
You know I'm used to making your day " 

Cebisan lirik " Nothing like us ", the lyric so meaningful. Okay maafkan puterimu ini. Assalamualaikum.