Guys, read this

The most best feelings in life.

being in love ,
being liked and loved back ,
be with him all the time ,
being hugged from back by him ,
he keep whispering the word (i love you) in your ear all the time ,
conversation for hours on the phone ,

people laugh at your jokes ,
people being nice to you ,
people adore you ,
eat drink whatever you want whenever you want ,
drink coke while eating chocolates ,
being noob and silly person ,

talking to strangers ,
singing in the shower ,
taking bath for hours ,
running shouting dancing laughing (in the rain)
being neutral without any makeup on ,
sleeping all the time ,

talking to yourself ,
have perfect outfits when going out ,
your hair listens to you ,
found new songs that you relly feel in love with and then ,
listenig to your favourite songs again and again till you get sick of it ,
taking pictures all the time ,

parents praise you for doing good things ,
being the smartest excellent and best at something ,
have perfect days in your life ,
being a better person to somebody ,
live in your own ways ,
breaking the rules ,

online facebook everyday ,
see yourself in front of the mirror till you satisfied with your appearance,
dreaming of happy ending ,
laughing till non stop ,
learning new words and use it in conversation with somebody ,
being awesome once in your life .