Those thing that makes me feel happy without hardly even noticing it.

I should write my post according to the title, which I got from a stranger thru a message, and yes, you can Google about this topic. It's everywhere! But I have no mood to do so.

Its Thursday, and when it comes to Thursday, I am not an ace person. I feel bad, very bad, that I can't even stand to see myself. I feel sucks. Still, I don't know why. Everything I have done are all wet. All wet. I hope that I can be perfect barbie, but I know I can't be that.

Those thing that makes me feel happy without hardly even noticing it.

1.When I can make someone happy. And it happens for almost everyday.
2. Helping friends, people, kooks and hoping that I can do it everyday.
3. Cadbury. I love the taste, and the shape. And the taste. And the packaging.
4. Barbie. Princess. Love the long hair,softness, the pretty dress, talk about it everyday, with my friends and sometime talk to myself.
5. Smile to strangers, I mean, when people look at me,even tho I don't know her/ him, I will smile. And yeaah, doesn't mean I try to 'goda' them :>
6. Go to a place,where I don't know people. Paris, perhaps?
7. Stay up till the early morning. And suddenly, it's 7 a.m. Breakfast time.
8. Bought something, unplanned.
9. Bowling so I can imagine the head pin is my enemy.
10.View his facebook, blog and the most his photo album.
11. Eating. No. Eating. Yes.
12. Watching Tooth Fairy for many times.
13. Cooking something, and it taste so good. And finally stomach ache :(
14. Remembering the lines for rapping part in any song, and keep rapping it during my free time.
15. Previous the text that I got from him. (I love the sweet text).
16. Reading blogs, anonymous blogs.
17. Playing and laughing with my mama, abah, abg and adik. All them my everything.
18. Being with someone who does not care about my appearance, the way I dressed up.
19. On call with my lover everynight, everyday. You always make a joke soo I laugh like crazy ;)

That's all. My grammar is bad, and I don't care.