Almost 200days!

March, what a tough month for me. Yeay whatever looser. Okay Assalamualaikum. Hai baby! First, you must promise me you will follow all my steps. Hurry, promise me :( Follow me " Sayang janji will follow all my baby steps! " Okay, done? Hihi, you already promise. 

First step, look at my eyes. Woah, do you know how pretty me? Lol. 

Second step, ask yourself. " Do I love this annoying girl? " Okay. I guess you answer same as what on my mind xD

Third step, go to your Home. I mean not your house aaa. Just push button on your phone. And seriously, you must look it carefully. Look on whatever it is. Done? Okay. Nak celah sikit. During I do this, I read it loudly. Then Adibah debab was like " Eh pebenda la mu buat. " I was like " I make something for my sayang " Tapi itu cuma luahan hati. Hahaha. 

Fourth step, sayang. Awak dah tenung belum homescreen awak? Hihi. Cuba nak langgar promise ye. Do it now, then baru follow the next step okay?! Shuhh no lie. 

 Fifth step, okay seriously done? So what did you saw? My picture? Your friends picture? A flappy bird? Hehehe. Senyum sikit, tabahkan hati. Sabar okay. Sabar.

 Next step, say this " My baby want a new shoes and bag. So I will buy it for her. " Woahhhh. What did u said sayang? Hikhikhik. Thank you. I love you :p Gotcha baby. Wuuuuuu.

 Next step, hahaha. Seriously I love step before. Weheee. I will wait for that ya :( Okayokay. This step, you must know what's time? Its already 12something right. Yea hope so. If you read my blog after I ask for. So what I'm trying so say is.... Next step! 

Next step, yeahhh. Tak nampak ke dekat home awak dia ada tulis 13 March. So? Nothing happen actually. Tettttt. But still, follow me ya!

 Next step, wuhuuu. Actually kan, nothing much pun. 13 March means its already 199days we have been together as a beautiful couple. Beautiful couple ke?! Oh please. More than that kan. Lalala. Forgive me. I am annoying. Told you before. Trololo.

 Last step, this one. You must do it for me. Please sayangg :( Emm. Follow this " Saya sayang nurfatin naqibah ammar! Esok dah 200days together wth my baby! I love her soooo much! " Okay. Jerit okay. Jeritt. Hahahaha its not hard at all.

Dah follow semuanya? Weheee. Thank you. I love you. I make this just for fun.
Terima kasih for being such a good person to me. Thank you for 200days together. Thank you. Thank you for everything! Semoga our relation stay strong forever. Study hard ya baby sayang! 

 Goodnight farzrin. Forever loving you. Hugkiss xoxo