Give up?

Have you ever like wanting to give up? Not because you're tired or fedup. Sebab kau rasa diri kau tak layak untuk itu semua?

Another few question. Do you want someone who you love the most give up on you? Yes that's shit. Means you have to keep strong and stay patience. Eventhough you did so many things but yet its not enough, enough to make someone you love happy and so on. Well, love its not only about happiness. Ada duka perit itu semua. Its a life :) And can you see someone is happy rn or not? Well, look at cermin. Cuba senyum, tengok muka. Kau betul2 happy tak? Well, no one will know the true feeling of someone. Might be your love don't wanna show their happiness. Whatsoever, keep positive.

This lately, aku belajar untuk terus fikir positive. Yes, setan negative selalu ada dengan aku. But I'm always wth " MasyaAllah, itu semua hasutan " Yes, positive, you'll be okay. InsyaAllah. Dan daripada sini lah aku belajar untuk kuat. Kuat untuk semua orang. InsyaAllah, Dia selalu dengan kita.

Okay masalah aku sekarang, idk what I'm talking about rn. Emm forgive me. Assalamualaikum.